TaxiCards® are a great gift for students and seniors
Taxi CardThere are countless reasons why a loved one might be in need of a taxi, but there's really only one way to make sure that they have the means to take one: the Yellow Cab TaxiCard. The perfect gift for anyone who requires personal transportation, Yellow Cab TaxiCards are accepted as a form of payment in every Yellow Cab taxi in the Greater Austin, Houston, San Antonio, & Galveston areas*.
These pre-paid, stored-value gift cards can be reloaded with additional funds for continued, long-term use. Unlike most gift cards, they can be replaced with any unused value should they be lost or stolen.
Yellow Cab Houston Dispatch 713.236.1111
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*Please remember it is always your responsibility to pay your cab fare in full even if there are not enough funds in your TaxiCard account to cover the trip. You must be prepared to pay the difference if your TaxiCard does not have sufficient funds available for the full amount of the fare.
Yellow Cab Houston Dispatch 713.236.1111